Terms and Conditions

1: Pricing As per the Prices and Services Page 

2: Payment Payment is to be made online in our secure payment facility

3: Scope of Inspection SPPI Inspections are carried out in accordance with

established building inspection standards.

The inspection is a visual non-invasivel inspection of the property with the
intention of inspecting and reporting on
•Significant Defects
•Particular attributes
•Gradual Deterioration
•Significant Maintenance Required

4: Limitations and Liability

Our inspections are intended to give the highest standard of
assessment of the condition of the property and are carried out in

accordance with established building inspection standards 

With out destructive testing including but not limited to lifting carpet
and floor coverings, cutting holes in internal wall linings and external
cladding it is not possible to be 100% certain that significant defects
have been discovered.
There is also the possibility there the owner of the property has
Intentionally disguised or hidden defects in the property.
Our inspection is confined to the limitations specified by New Zealand
Standard NZS 4306:2005 for residential property inspections.
Due to these factors it is not possible for us to guarantee that all
potential defects have been discovered

Not withstanding anything in this or any other agreement with
Specialist Pre-Purchase Inspections Ltd, the liability of Specialist
Pre-Purchase Inspections Ltd, the person carrying out the inspection,
and all of Specialist Pre-Purchase Inspection Ltd employees,
contractors, directors and shareholders ("the protected parties"), for
any loss, damage or delay arising from any act, default or omission
(whether negligent or otherwise) in relation to the inspection, the report,
or any service provided by, or statement made by, or act of, any of
the protected parties ("the defects"):
• Is restricted to any bad faith defects;
• Is excluded in the case of all other defects made in good
faith, including mistakes, mis-descriptions and omissions whether made
negligently or wrecklessly, and whether they occurred during the
course of the inspection, were made verbally, in the written report, or
otherwise howsoever;
• Shall be limited to physical damage or injury to any person or property
which in any case is the foreseeable result of the defect;
• Shall be excluded in the case of economic and consequential
lLoss (including loss of rent or enjoyment of the property)
• In any event is limited to the fee paid to Specialist
Pre-Purchase Inspections Ltd

The above limitations are sever-able with the intention that if
any one of them is unenforceable then the other limitations will still be
This limitation of liability binds the person who requested the
report and any other person to who the report is provided to, together
with their successors and assigns.

The report generated by Specialist Pre-Purchase Inspections is not to be relied
upon by any person other than the person to whom the report is
addressed to.